MKTNG is headed up by Creative Director, Grant Lewers. Grant has a passion for helping clients and using creativity to problem solve. His love of all things digital is due to the transparency that allows the tracking of ROI. Art & Science merging as one.

As Head of Digital, Alexander Dilizia is a passionate marketer who after years of working agency side transitioned to consulting with MKTNG. Creative and accountable, Alex is focused on delivering ROI for clients and exploring new ways of reaching customers.

With a Masters in Design, Margo Reed has an eye for style. She is highly creative, possesses a fine attention to detail and a love for conveying stories and emotions through content. In short, she knows what looks good and what works.

With a background in copywriting, business coaching, media production and public relations, Roxy has worked with a large number of clients across various sectors. Possessing a BA (Public Relations & Journalism) with exceptional attention to detail, Roxy oversees client projects from start to finish.

As a dynamic digital marketer with over 5 years experience working within agency and tourism brands, Kirby has a passion for crafting compelling ads and amplifying brand presence. Armed with a data-driven mindset, she excels in driving targeted campaigns that yield measurable results by strategically analysing the customer experience from start to finish.

MKTNG is a creative digital agency with an entrepreneurial focus. We use our digital skills to drive more traffic, enquiries, bookings, appointments, customers and sales for our clients. 

We work across hospitality, leisure, health, coaching, consulting, retail and tourism sectors. From large shopping centres and resorts, to independent coaches and consultants, we use the method of taking your customers on a journey of Know Like Trust… Purchase!

THE 80/20

MKTNG focus on the 20% that gives 80% of the results.

It’s easy to get caught up in the doing – putting your energy into what you think you ‘should do’ – sending that EDM, posting that image on Instagram and updating Facebook might add to your likes and open rate, but are they bringing you conversions, sales and adding to your bottom line?

It’s time to rethink and refocus your efforts on the things that will boost your business revenue!

We see the quotes that come in from big agencies… If you’re suffering from big agency quote shock and want a real partnership that’s value for money, have a chat to us!


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are one of the single most important marketing tools for driving ROI. With incredible targeting and tracking, you can put your content in front of the right people and track all the way through to purchase. Best of all, once built they can run forever.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads offer an incredible advertising tool for putting your message and product in front of the right customers and showing a positive ROI. Likes are great, but with Instagram Ads, you can drive and track sales. Once you crack the code, it’s set and forget.

Google Ads

Google Ads provide powerful and effective targeting so you can put your ads in front of the right people who are searching for what you have to offer. With detailed tracking and reporting we are able to manage your investment to show ROI in the form of leads and converted sales.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads provide powerful and effective targeting so you can put your ads in front of the right people. You can then follow-up with sales navigator to understand and engage with your audience more effectively.

eDM & Database Marketing

We assist in building databases and sending targeted emails that are relevant, timely and valued by customers. Our clients have some of the highest open and engagement rates in their industries. eDM’s are an easy medium to show ROI.

Web Development

A site should look good, but also be effective. With tools like heat mapping, A/B testing and analytics, we get the balance right between looking good and a site that attracts traffic, engages and converts!

“one of the smartest marketing and strategy people I know… he sees things others don’t”

Steven Premutico – founder of Dimmi and me&u


MKTNG have extensive experience marketing the Hospitality and Entertainment sectors, but have worked across a wide range of industries. Our recent clients include some of the leading restaurants, hotels and resorts in Australia.


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